Appraisers do not create value.  People determine value by their transactions in the market place.  The Appraiser simply has the legal responsibility to analyze those transactions and appraise individual properties based on what is happening in the market place.  The Appraiser reviews recent real estate sales and considers local economic conditions in order to maintain the most current value of the property in the county.  The Appraiser’s goal is to equalize property values, which will create fair distribution of the taxes that pay for many community services.

 Real PropertyPersonal Property
Jan 1Valuation DatePrevious year's property rendition sent to owners of record.
Mar 1Change of Value Notice mailed
Mar 15Renditions for existing and new personal property due back
Apr 1Notice of current valued mailed
May 10Second half of previous year taxes due, if not paidSecond half of previous year taxes due, if not paid
May 15Informal hearing must be completed
May 20All informal appeal results must be mailed
Jun 1Tax roll sent to County ClerkTax roll sent to County Clerk
Dec 20First half of tax dueFirst half of tax due