Per K.S.A 79-1476, an on-site physical inspection of each parcel is required at least once every six years. This is often referred to as the County Appraiser’s 17% relist. During this re-inspection the data collectors are not setting values, they are just trying to make sure the data on file is accurate and up to date. The data collectors will knock on the doors to verify the interior information with the homeowner and then review the dwelling and any improvements on the exterior. We do not do interior inspections at this time. If the homeowner is not available, they will leave a door card that we ask the owner to please fill out and return. This is to insure that we have the most accurate data on file. Our staff can be identified by Sherman County photo identification badges and will be driving a county vehicle marked with the Sherman County Logo. If the property owners have any questions they may contact the Appraiser’s Office at 785-890-4825.