Sherman County 911 Frequently asked questions

WHAT IS 9-1-1?
When you need emergency help, quick response is critical. Enhanced 9-1-1service is an advanced telecommunications system designed to gather necessary information and dispatch emergency services as quickly as possible. Here’s how it works in our coverage area. All calls to 911 are answered 24 hours a day by call takers at the Sherman County Communications Center. The call takers computer screen automatically displays the telephone number and the location where the call originates. At the same time, the screen displays a listing of the police, fire and medical agencies serving that location.

The call taker transfers the vital information to the appropriate incident dispatch screen. This means that fire, emergency medical or law enforcement help can be dispatched with just one call to 911.

Even if a caller is unable to speak or hangs up, help is still sent. For this reason, it’s important that every one in your household learns how and when to call 911 for emergency assistance.

HOW DO I USE 9-1-1?
When you need help in a hurry, 911 is easy to remember and fast to dial.
When you call 911:

Try to stay calm and speak clearly. Ask for Police, Fire or Ambulance.

Describe the emergency and answer all questions.

Stay on the line until you are instructed to hang up. Although the screen automatically displays the telephone number and location, the attendant may ask you to verify the information.

9-1-1 service is available from any type telephone, rotary, push button, residence, business, cellular or public pay phone.

WHEN DO I USE 9-1-1?
Call 9-1-1 whenever you feel you have need of the police, fire or ambulance services.

We are proud to offer a technologically advanced service, such as Enhanced 9-1-1, to safeguard the health and safety of you and your family