Sherman County 911 Wireless Information


Today more and more people are depending on wireless communications as their favorite means of being able to contact others.  However, it is important that consumers be made aware of several issues when needing to contact emergency services from a cell phone.

Only in a very few areas, will the call taker be able to locate you when you dial 9-1-1 from a cell phone.  In fact, in few areas would they even be able to call you back should you be disconnected.

9-1-1 PHASE I –

Phase I technology allows the call taker to be able to see the phone number the caller is calling from.  Only a small percentage of 9-1-1 centers have this technology in place in late 2003.

9-1-1 PHASE II –

Phase II technology allows the call taker to be able to see not only the phone number of the caller, but is also provided the latitude and longitude of the callers location.  In Sherman County this is accomplished by handset technology.  Which means that the caller’s phone must have a GPS chip in the phone to be able to give us the location.

It is important that consumer’s ask about a cell phone’s capabilities for 9-1-1 services when they are purchasing new cell phones.  Find out what technology is available in your area for 9-1-1 services and make sure that your phone is capable of helping you get emergency response, if it is ever needed.