In Sherman County, the County Clerk serves as the County Election Officer, ADA Coordinator, Drug and Alcohol Coordinator and Freedom of Information Officer.

The following are some of the major duties of the County Clerk:

  • Serves as the accounting officer for the county and is responsible for the budgetary accounting for all the various funds within the county.
  • Sets the levies to raise the tax dollars required to fund the taxing districts and prepares the levy sheet.
  • Prepares tax abstracts for the County Treasurer, showing the distribution of the tax dollars to the various taxing districts and funds.
  • Responsible for maintaining the tax records for taxpayers in Sherman County and the ownership records of real estate and severed minerals.
  • Prepares the valuation and tax abstracts for the Department of Property Valuation that are submitted in July and November of each year.
  • Serves as secretary to the County Commissioners which includes: taking minutes of their meetings, preparing meeting agenda, research for the board as requested and handles correspondence for the board.
  • Designated contact person to obtain information regarding Freedom of Information. To request an Open Records Request Form, click on the Forms link to the left.
  • Designated agent for the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS).  Includes enrolling employees in KPERS, annual reporting, death and disability.
  • Any and all other duties in the Statutes of the State of Kansas for the County Clerk and Election Officer.