Sherman County Commission Open Meeting Policy

To foster meetings that allow for the clear and orderly exchange of ideas, to retain the proper decorum deserved of the vital work undertaken by the Commission, to facilitate an atmosphere whereby proper and accurate minutes can be taken and to yet allow an effective framework for citizens to approach their elected officials, we, as the Board of County Commissioners, adopt the follow polices:

  1. Only those listed on the agenda will be allowed to address the Commission unless otherwise authorized by the Commission.
  2. All those wishing to be listed on the agenda must contact the County Clerk at least 5 days prior to the meeting and provide their name, address and purpose of addressing the Commission.  All requests will be reviewed by the Commission Chairman or the Commission as a whole.  All requests will either be honored or directed to an appropriate supervisor for resolution.
  3. Those listed on the agenda must address the Commission from inside the banister and preferably while seated with the Commission at the commission table.
  4. Should those addressing the Commission, as previously outlined, wish to enter comments into the discussion from others not listed on the agenda, permission of the Commission must first be granted.
  5. If the Commission chooses to allow comments from those not on the agenda, they may require such commenter’s to present themselves inside the banister prior to presenting their comments.
  6. All those allowed to address the Commission must first state their name, residence and purpose of speaking and are encouraged to speak clearly so their words can be easily understood and entered into the minutes.
  7. Comments shall be limited to issues and not personalities.  No personal attacks will be tolerated.
  8. Comments and presentations shall not exceed 5 minutes unless authorized by the Commission.  The Commission may allow for extended discussion if the Commission feels it is in the best interests of the County.
  9. Those addressing the Commission should keep their address within the bounds of good taste befitting the occasion and the dignity of the Commission meeting.
  10. The Commission reserves the right to end any portion of their meeting at any time and retains sole authority over the course of said meetings up to and including topics listed on the agenda.


Adopted June 1, 2015