Northwest Kansas Ambulance Service is a service providing 9-1-1 emergency care and facility to facility transfers throughout Northwest Kansas, neighboring counties, and neighboring states.  We offer Critical and Non-Critical Care Transport services to hospital near and far. All EMT’s, A-EMT’s, RN’s, and Paramedics in the field  are employees of Sherman County.  Sherman County supplies our department with ambulances, medical equipment, and the medical supplies needed to operate and care for our community. 

Northwest Kansas Ambulance Service is comprised of a Chief Officer, a Battalion Chief, a Medical Director, Office Manager, and on-call Critical Care Paramedics & RN’s, A-EMT’s, and EMT’s.     

Our success can be credited to all involved who came together to form this organization, and who are committed to giving the residents and visitors of Sherman County the best and most cost effective emergency medical services  possible.