The Sherman County Landfill accepts the below items that are deemed as Household Hazardous Waste.  Each person will be limited to 50 pounds or 10 gallons waste per visit.  Sherman County reserves the right to impose quantity on a case by case basis.

Auto Products

Additives (Oil, fuel, & transmission)Carburetor & Fuel Cleaner
Brake & Starting FluidsWaste Fuels
Auto BatteriesSolvent contaminated waste oil

Household Products

Ammonia-Based CleanersMetal Polish
BleachNail Polish & Removers
DisinfectantsOven Cleaners
Drain CleanersPool Chemicals
Floor & Furniture PolishPhoto Chemicals
General All-Purpose CleanersRug & Upholstery Cleaners
MothballsToilet Cleaners

Home Maintenance & Improvement Products

AdhesivesPaint Stripper
Enamel or Oil-Based PaintsThinners & turpentines
Latex or water-based paintsStains, finishes, or preservatives


Ant & Roach killersChlorinated hydocarbons
CarbonatesRat & mouse poisons

Miscellaneous Household Items

Batteries: wet & dry cellFingernail Polish removers
Pet ProductsPool Chemicals
Photo Processing ChemicalsElectronic Items